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.LDR Tanya App. by Melodious-X .LDR Tanya App. by Melodious-X


EDIT 2: I am a horribly sloppy shader, I am sorry //SOBS But here she is ;7; Updated with her history too!

She looks like a fucking Gryffindor //SHOT

Take a drink every time I use the word Grandmother //SHOT HARDER

I apologize in advance for the massive wall of bio eAe


    Tanya Ray Winton


    I mean Female

    Ain't nobody got time for that--//shot
    I mean she's Pansexual

    Summer 23


    Bartender/Waitress at the Pub

    Favorite: "Wha--this is really hard to find around here...just for me? You're too sweet~"
      - Apple Gelato and Cinnamon Sticks

    Loved: "This is for me? Aren't you just a doll! Thanks dear~"
      - Apple Jam
      - Pretty much anything apple flavored
      - Fruit Wine

    Liked: "Oh, how lovely of you to think of me~"
      - Rice Porridge
      - Casablanca flowers
      - Milk Tea
      - Amethyst

    Disliked: "'s okay, you can keep it."
      - Raw fish or sushi
      - Ore
      - Curry

    Hated: "What am I supposed to do with this? Get lost, please."
      - Anything tofu-related
      - Failed dishes

    + Tanya's very VERY protective of her friends and those of smaller status. If she sees someone being harassed, don't be surprised if she takes initiative to put them in place. She will hunt you down if you piss her off at work because she won't risk losing her job

    + Outgoing in a way that might make some people uncomfortable. She will normally give pet names or flirt without really meaning to. Don't take it too personally, she won't understand what the problem is even if you mention it

    + She is active and tends to do a lot of running and exercise. But there are times where she will be the laziest woman in the world--it fluctuates with her mood as she often works out more when she's not happy to release some stress

    + - While she is good at controlling herself, she is very hot-tempered and can get irritated very easily, depending on how you word things to her or how your tone is

    - Cool as she tries to act, she's really clumsy. You'll probably catch wind of this when you see how often she drops things or trips over her own feet when she's working

    - Arrogance is something everybody has and Tanya is no different.

    - You probably shouldn't ever challenge her to do anything. She will throw that arrogance in your face and get way too into it, then make a fool of herself if she loses

    + Animals, especially dogs and cows
    + The Beach
    + Cooking
    + Work
    + Festivals
    + Rainy days
    + Swimming
    + Apple and Cinnamon flavors
    + Exercising

    - Irresponsible Drinkers (cause she ends up having to take care of them)
    - Disrespect of the Elderly
    - Being judged before being known
    - Anyone who messes with the mayor or his daughter e v e
    - Scorching heat
    - Those who pick on the weak
    - Dark silent nights

    The Winton's were a very homey group of travelers. Never did they stay in one place for very long. The young mother Marie was a single unmarried woman, though she was indefinitely expecting a child. Along with her was her mother Norma, her best friend Lea, and her two twin brothers Sylas and Justin. Together, the family visited many places and most of their belonging consisted of a large wooden cart of supplies and special items they held close to them. As well as a place for Marie to rest whenever she was unable to walk.

    Marie was a weak figure and when her baby was ready to become one of the world, they had very little hope for her surviving the procedure. Unfortunately, she did pass away a few minutes after giving birth. Tanya, born with fiery red hair and large blue eyes, was given her name by her mother in her last few breaths. Norma saw her own daughter in the child and loved her unconditionally. Since she was a wee baby, the elderly woman raised the young girl as if she were her own child. Sylas and Justin proved to be the greatest Uncles in the child's life and Lea, unable to deal with the loss of her closest friend, parted from the group a few years afterwards. Her father is to this day still unknown.

    Up until she was 17, the family continued to travel around from city to city, meeting new face and making friends along the way. Friends they would undoubtedly not see for many long months, maybe years. Norma was Tanya's teacher when it came to school. The woman knew many wisdoms of the world, but she could not give Tanya a proper education. She could only tell her what she knew. With every new face, Tanya became more outgoing. She would run up to strangers and greet them and often enjoyed playing games with the local children. There was a small town they stopped in for a few months, much longer than they normally would. Tanya met a boy around her age there--and unconsciously grew attached to him. Eli was a very active 18-year-old farmer's boy with a positive outlook on everything. Tanya spent most of her days with him and a foolishly childish love bloomed between them. They promised each other that they would be together, planned out their lives. However, when it was time for Tanya to depart with her family, Eli fell away from her. He didn't ask her to stay and told her all of their plans were only silly dreams. He'd grown cold and Tanya still cannot understand what had turned him away from her like he had.


    Norma was beginning to grow weary with her age, unable to travel the long distances anymore. It was then that they came across Luna Della Rosa...and Norma was in love. Never before had she been so drawn to a city. Tanya, worried for her Grandmother, was quietly able to convince the old woman that traveling was no longer an option, less she want to make her condition worse. With heavy hearts, the group decided that it was time to stop, at least for Norma. The young granddaughter who loved Norma so much agreed to stay in the village with her. They found a lovely little open home, Norma picked up on cooking at a local cafe and Tanya found a job working in a couple of the farmers gardens to help pay for the home. Sylas and Justin, knowing they were not finished journeying throughout the lands, stayed with them for a year before they made their way out into the world again.

    A couple years passed and Norma only grew weaker, up until she was unable to work anymore. Tanya took charge of paying for the house so the elderly woman didn't have to push herself. In return, Norma watched over the house and made special meals and pastries for the girl when she returned home. Most made from apples, Tanya's favorite fruit. In their times together, Tanya was taught how to cook her own meals and slowly grew into a young woman who had a secret passion for cooking. She never openly showed it however--it was something she considered special, between her and her Grandmother.

    Resting in her old chair, Norma sat her granddaughter down one day and spoke with her for hours on end. She pulled the faded red ribbon from her wavy gray hair and handed it to Tanya with the gentlest of smiles.

    "Child, you are so full of energy. You're compassionate and loving and you take great care of your old Grandma without a single complaint. You'll do a lot of things in life."

    It was the first time they both had felt the real connection between them. Tanya has picked up on her adult-like ways. She picked up her job in the Pub as a bartender and a waitress and still often helps the farmers with their crops and the ranchers with their animals if she has nothing better to do or if she wants an extra buck. Her secret liking for cooking still dwells in her and she is still uncertain whether she wants to do something with it. Norma still lingers around the City when she is feeling well, but spends most hours of the day at home or on the front porch.

    Norma Winton
      Tanya's Grandmother, whom she loves unconditionally. The two have been inseparable since the girl was born and she sees her own Grandmother as her real mother at times. Norma often inspires Tanya to do better and always spoils the girl rotten, even though she is now an adult.

Additional Info
    - Has a very large Grandmother complex
      * She has the red ribbon tied to her right arm at all times
      * There's a special cookbook stashed inside her house--a book actually made by Norma. Tanya's a closet cook and secretly wants to participate in cooking festivals
      *Tanya often calls most people 'sweetie' or 'dear'...she picked this up from Norma
      * Don't mess with her Grandma...or any elderly person, really. She will kill you.

    - She wears her gloves only when she works
    - The previous owner of the Pub passed it off to her Uncle in the time he stayed at the City and he passed it off to her when he decided to head out on travel. She now co-owns the place, but in his absence, she is the owner.
    - You'll find her chewing on cinnamon sticks at times
    - If you come often, she will probably have your drink memorized without you ordering it
    - Believes in 'opposites attract' but not 'love at first sight' or 'soulmates'
    - Sweets, sweets, sweets. She won't stop eating them and unsure why she doesn't gain weight
    - She comes from a long line of travelers, so she wanders about aimlessly sometimes
    - Tanya tends to think about Eli at random times but she no longer has any strong feelings for him--more she is trying to figure out how to move on so she doesn't think about him ever again
    - Visited by her Uncles at least once a year. She hopes they'll stop traveling and stay with her soon

Rp style
    I will normally rp through notes and skype and will pop up in the chats IF I have the time and motivation/energy to do so. I PREFER literate rp, but I will script, as long as it's not like...5 word script OTL I can't work with that;; Sorry.
    If you wanna rp with my chica, just ask ;v;
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