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.PMA Madeline App. by Melodious-X .PMA Madeline App. by Melodious-X



:pokeball: General :pokeball:

        Pokemon | ---- #523 Cinccino
        Nickname | ---- Madeline
        Gender | ---- Female
        Birthdate | ---- February 13th
        Current Age | ---- Twenty-Two Years Old
        Orientation | ---- No preference / Doesn't Care


         Father | ---- Dewott 
         Mother | ---- Cinccino
                 | ---- Brother Cinccino | Deceased
                 | ---- Brother and Sister Dewotts | Twins
                 | ---- Brother Oshawott | Still A Hatchling
         Romantic Partner | ---- N/A
         Offspring | ---- N/A

:pokeball: Pokemon Stats :pokeball:

        Current Level | Thirty-Seven
        Nature | ---- Mild
                :iconfightingtypeplz: Wake-Up Slap ---- This attack inflicts big damage on a sleeping target. This also wakes the target up
                :iconwatertypeplz: Aqua Tail ---- The user attacks by swinging its tail as if it were a vicious wave in a raging storm. (Inherited from Father)
                :iconnormaltypeplz: Swift ---- Star-shaped rays are shot at the opposing Pokémon. This attack never misses.
                :iconnormaltypeplz: Charm ---- The user gazes at the target rather charmingly, making it less wary. This harshly lowers its Attack stat.

Battle Stats:

         Attack | ---- :star::star::star: No Star No Star
         Defense | ---- :star: No Star No Star No Star No Star
         Speed | ---- :star::star::star::star::star:
         Sp. Attack | ---- :star::star::star::star: No Star
         Sp. Defense | ---- :star: No Star No Star No Star No Star

:pokeball: PokeHuman Stats :pokeball:

        Occupation | ---- Librarian at Lumiose's Library
        Town of Residence | ---- Lumiose City (Often travels to Ambrette to study fossils)
                    | ---- Madeline stands only at 5'4'' in her pokeform and a little under normal in her pokemon form, at 1'5''. Her eyes are two different shades
                            of brown with tan skin and blue-gray hair. She can constantly be seen wearing her favorite white scarf as she is not comfortable
                            walking around without that familiar type of fluff around her neck that she is carrying around in pokemon form. Both of her ears are
                            peirced and she wears black-framed glasses low upon her face, mostly for reading as her eyes are actually not perfect 20/20 vision.
                            Most of her clothes are heavy and consisted of lots of coverage because she doesn't like showing a lot of skin, but LOVES to dress up
                            rather classy-like.

                    | ++++ Passionate
                            Anything Madeline loves, she is extremely passionate about. She's not one to give up on her goals and she's never afraid to
                            learn anything new. Lots of her time is spent studying books, mostly while she is working, learning many things about what humans
                            have discovered over the years and even reading about the newest discoveries of fossils as well as the machine power to turn such
                            fossils back into pokemon. She makes trips often to Ambrette Town to visit the museum and study with the professor there--sometimes
                            she'll even go into the caves to help search.

                    | ++++ Helpful
                            Despite being a little rough around the edges, this Chinchilla is not opposed to helping someone when they need help. All they have to
                            do is ask and she will try her best to do what she can to benefit them. If it's really an emergency, even if she doesn't like them, they
                            can count on her to work with them on their problems--they just might need to convince her that they really need HER to help if they
                            don't get along.

                   | ++++ Not Easily Provoked
                            As her nature would clear up, Madeline is not very easily provoked by other people. If anything, she can come off completely unamused
                            at anyone's wild shenanigans and will keep a genuinely kind stature when she tells you to get the hell out of her face--she's a very
                            calm person and can't be easily swayed into expressing any heavy emotion. (Think of something along the lines of that character who
                            can scare you into knocking it off just by looking at you HAHAHA)

                    | ---- Socially Awkward
                            Now, she may be helpful and extremely passionate, but this doesn't mean she has incredible social skills. In fact, she is terrible at
                            talking to people in any assuring way. She's the quiet nerd with the book that will only speak normally when she is spoken to. And
                            when she does, she doesn't know how to carry on the conversation and will often just make an assortment of noises if she doesn't
                            know what else to say.

                   | ---- Blunt
                            Blunt is blunt. This can be a good or bad thing. She might hurt your feelings while not meaning to. She might completely be meaning to
                            hurt your feelings, though this does not happen often. Though blunt, she only claims that she is honest.  Being a liar is a big no no in
                            her book.

                    | ---- Reserved
                            If everything else hasn't explained it yet, Madeline's not very talkative, especially not about herself. She will answer your questions,
                            but it might take some time to get her to really go into detail. She has to be fully comfortable with you because it was engraved in her
                            mind not to trust anyone with her identity or lifestyle by her old trainer and that regimen of the past still remains in her. Though once
                            you are friends with her, you will see that talkative video game violent nerd uprise. 

                    | ---- Madeline's mother and father were free pokemon, free to love, free to live as they had pleased. They had four dear children, of which
                    Madeline was somewhat the middle child between her older brother and the two younger twins. Her real memories were engraved from the
                    days she had spent with her family in the fields of Pokemon Village.

                    Those memories would be what kept her going in the days to come.

                    The Chinchilla had always been so fond of the cold. So often, she would wander off into Snowbelle City to enjoy the atmosphere around
                    her. The City was a pretty place and it always drew her in with its chilling call. Unfortunately, that last day she had wandered onto Route 20
                    to view the City again, she had been confronted by a Grunt of Team Flare. The male caught her with ease and she was taken far away from
                    her home crammed in the holdings of a Great Ball.

                    Her trainer was rather harsh, often overworking her until she was stronger than his own partner's pokemon in level. He was desperate.
                    Desperate to achieve the goal. When he wasn't training the small girl to the bone, he was spending a lot of time looking over
                    his work and then disappearing for long hours or even days without her. But when he was with her, he was kind and he would tell her
                    stories of how he wanted the world to be. What it could be. But many weren't to be trusted until the world was beautiful. She didn't
                    understand. Didn't understand the way of this human or why he did what he did. But she grew curious to know, to learn, and spent her
                    spare time looking at his books. She didn't understand the language entirely of course, but the pictures and notes made it clear enough for
                    her. She didn't believe her trainer was entirely bad--he was just misleaded. According to what she could understand, most humans were
                    that way.

                    One day, the trainer had finally taken her out with him. This was to Lysandre Lab, where their battle, though fought with clear
                    determination, was lost in the end. Following the fall of the Lab, disgruntled and full of utter displeasure at his failure, told the Chinchilla to
                    leave. He gave her the choice--to stay or to go. As much as she so secretly wished to stay with him, she wanted to return to the family she
                    had lost. And so she did. With the help of a now free'd Mandibuzz, the Cinccino returned to that happy little village on the Route from
                    Snowbelle. She was happy to have be home again. Her family welcomed her with open arms. Her oldest brother--whom had
                    been searching for her on the outskirts of town--had perished in a tussle with a wild Bouffalant. This information devastated the Cinccino
                    and she now often thinks of her lost sibling.

                    However, her need to stay in Pokemon Village faltered only after a couple years. She longed to return to that bright and open City where
                    the Labs had recided back in those older days. The more she looked into it in Snowbelle, the more she learned. Of Pokemon-Amie
                    Corporations and the Dittech device. Things she could use to further study the human way of life--their nature, why they acted the way they
                    acted. There was just so much she wanted to know and she could experience it first hand.

                    She couldn't just jump on the goal--she had to reach it. Over the course of her years, she did massive research in Snowbelle, collected her
                    knowledge of the Dittech Device itself and studied humans with her own eyes as Trainers passed through the City. Her parents had bore a
                    lovely new hatchling brother at the time and were constantly bustling to care for all the children. The time had finally come and after
                    speaking with them about her departure again, they at first were very hesitant. But Madeline wanted to learn and grow, to find a place for
                    them all to live without having to hide and grow among the people she had once seen as trainers. She was certain the Dittech was the way
                    to do this--the way her trainer had wanted the world to be beautiful. It HAD to be it! Reluctant, they agreed to let the Cinccino leave-
                    though she promised to return and bring them with her when she had acquired the device for their whole family.

                    With her great desire to learn, Madeline left the safe haven of Pokemon Village and returned to the glowing City of Lumiose, intent on
                    searching for those hopeful achievements that her Trainer before had been so desperate to grasp.

:pokeball: Extras :pokeball:

            | ++++ Cold Nights
            | ++++ Fruit Drinks / Chesto Berries
            | ++++ Clouds
            | ++++ Reading (Mostly about Human Nature or Fossils)
            | ++++ Shiny Objects
            | ++++ Vegetables
            | ++++ Video Games (There's a violent nerd in there)

            | ---- Too Much Heat
            | ---- Being Touched (especially without permission--she will punch you)
            | ---- Loud Noises
            | ---- People who think she's dumb enough to be pranked
            | ---- Suck ups (she doesn't fall for it pls)

        Fun Facts
            | ---- Overly cuddly people might be on her assassination list /shot/
            | ---- Her eyesight is actually really bad, she just doesn't like wearing her glasses when she is in Pokemon Form
            | ---- The Chinchilla might often camp outside, unless it's too hot.
            | ---- Loves Dry Berries, but do not give her Sour Berries unless you hate her
            | ---- She sometimes dreams of flying
            | ---- Her Roommate~
                            PMA::Tsuki by Laskmiti

            | ---- Pfft, what relationships?

:pokeball: User Info :pokeball:

        Time Zone | ---- Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada)
        Chat Availability | ---- I am currently Full-Time School and Part-Time Work, so I would prefer Notes and Skype for longer roleplays. However, I will
                                            often come into chats.

        Role-Play Example
   Taken from a current roleplay with a friend on a Forum (There is more to this post, but I cut it short ahahahaha)

            | ---- Thus began another boring and hapless day. With war going on, he'd expect to be piled and working nonstop, but other than his paperwork gathering and hearing the usual status of their lands from the Scouts, there was not much else happening. He did his morning training, which was always the highlight of his day, and went about to care for his villagers and do a little hard labor even though most protested he didn't have to. That was it. He was going to get outside the walls soon whether Mephis or the Council liked it or not. Being cooped up was beginning to drive him crazy. The Prince didn't see much of Illea either...he'd almost been convinced that she had left up until he saw Kaiser still perched upon the wall near the front gate, keeping watch. So she was merely avoiding him for the time being...he didn't blame her, but it wouldn't be like this all the time...he hoped.
        As the skies grew dark, Tobias counted off another boring, albeit kind of stressful, waste of a day. He wouldn't be able to get a hold of the high ground if he didn't get out and start really talking to clans, even if his life WAS at risk. The more he hid, the more the wolves had advantage to wrangle in people to work with them. Hell, they even had humans and he was certain Klaus could get anyone he wanted...but the Fae...the Fae were on Tobias' side and he wasn't about to let them go. Not at all.
        Stars dotted the cloudless night sky, a crescent moon hanging above the Prince's head as he rest perched upon the wall on the far side of the village. Mephis had retired for the night, though wanting to stay with him, Tobias had ushered him off to get some rest anyway so he could enjoy the silence on his own for a while. It was a wonderful night...truly. Even the crisp air was cool and refreshing. He loved coming out at was always the best time for him to come out and clear his head. He might not be able to travel far outside the walls, but damn it, he would enjoy the night on top of his own wall. Leaned back and supporting his weight on his hands, the Prince stared up at the stars with his one good eye and inhaled deeply, grasping the environment around him. So peaceful, he could fall asleep...but something...something suddenly began to feel wrong. A shiver curled the boy's spine--that natural instinct that told him he was being watched and the intruder wasn't a friendly one. As soon as he opened his good eye--
        The sound of metal leaving its sheath echoed in his ears and he pushed himself onto both feet while a hand grasped for his own sword, extracting it with a loud shriek and the agonizing noise of metal grinding together sounded in his ears. Whomever it was, his attacker had leaped at him from the right and Tobias had barely caught the sharp sword that was coming right down on his head. The force of the block had him sliding backward, struggling to hold his feet to the wall's thin surface. The sheer brunt strength from this creature...too familiar. "Who in the hell--"
        Eyes widened when he met glowing red hues staring at him with an utter bloodlust to kill--Vampire. One of them had survived?! Grunting sharply, Tobias pushed his weight into the blockade, forcing his opponent back to rest in front of him, landing with grace on the edge of the wall. Shakily, the boy's hand was reaching behind him to grasp the whistle he'd carried on him at all times--this Vampire just seemed...much stronger than the ones before. And with only one good eye, he wasn't able to fight as well as before. 

Madeline and Art (c) Melodious-X
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